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She's worked there sincea year after it opened up in Retrieved from " https: He doesn't have any need for them now. Motion Picture Licensing Corporation. Splosh is owned by Dumesh Kankanamalage, who also owns Rainbow Station three blocks north.

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Last year her group opposed an effort by Splosh, a boutique on 8th Avenue and 18th Street, to obtain a liquor license.

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Neighbors Protest Chelsea Sex Shops

Upstairs is where the store does most of its business, according to Max, amid the multitudinous racks of brightly colored lingerie and toys catering to all genders and a wide variety of tastes. When asked if people are turning tricks in the booths, he pointed to the security cameras and said absolutely not. Just 13 years later we've seen the tremendous rise of the digital era. But outside on the street, some members of the community accuse stores like the Rainbow Station of contributing to a rise in crime in the neighborhood, including prostitution, drug use, public sex and vandalism. Published Dec 23, at 5: All of these new ways of watching movies have greatly reduced the demand for video rental shops, and many have closed down as a result. Nevertheless, Max admitted that sometimes male prostitutes hang out in front of the store.

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Neighbors Protest Chelsea Sex Shops by daniel fitzsimmons. Both Evans and Mauceri questioned how these establishments stay in business, as they frequently see people leaving the stores seemingly without having made a purchase. The neighborhood looks and feels like any other stretch of Chelsea: There was no point in them being there and they were collecting dust. In the s, video rental stores rented VHS and Beta tapes of movies, although most stores dropped Beta tapes when VHS won the format war late in the decade.

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