Arguments against gay marriage rights

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Should our government enact legislation to strengthen and support traditional families -- like a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman? In an attempt to understand the issue, let's examine common arguments against same-sex marriage and why they may not stand up in modern America. Baker stands for the proposition that a state may use the traditional definition of marriage without violating equal protection. The current status of that precedent is thus one of the first questions the Court probably would need to answer before moving on to any other arguments, for or against same-sex marriage. Opposition to equal civil rights for gays comes in many forms. The argument that we should indeed weigh the ethnographic record, however, comes not from cranky conservatives but from gay marriage advocates themselves.

arguments against gay marriage rights
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Top of the list are the Na, a matrilineal tribe of farmers in southwest China near the Burmese border. The success of the gay marriage movement stands for many Americans as part of the larger political polarization of the nation in which the universities have played a significant part. Marriage has never been dependent on a single religion and is, instead, a result of human desire which is supported by the community as a whole.

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