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Run on the cheap, Stonewall was known for being both dirty and dangerous: It encompasses the vibrant gay club scene in the US capital, the sidewalks where transgender prostitutes ply their trade, even the Internet -- where criminals prey on men using gay dating sites. Amnesty International, in a report last year, contended that abuse by urban police officers is widespread, but acknowledged that many departments are striving to improve relations with the local gay and lesbian communities. Inthis practice was suspected to be the cause of an outbreak of hepatitis. No one knows for sure why the White Horse was left alone. Probably not many, and certainly none in Pontiac so next time you're near Motor City, drive on over to check out this charming space and its charming men.

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Gay bars didn't miraculously turn into utopian paradises on June 29,of course.

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LGBT's: Don't Forget Riots Are What Got Us Here

A mixed crowd of younger and decidedly, intentionally hip Moscowites help give poppy, colorful 12 Volt a rush of authentic, unedited Russian flair. The Riots That Sparked the Gay Revolutionthat during a typical raid, bar owners would change the lights from blue to white, warning customers to stop dancing and drinking. The managers were forced to close despite a campaign to save it. For many homosexuals, the experience of going to a gay bar for the first time was a nerve-racking one, but also one in which they finally felt accepted, finding those with the same horizontal identity. In the Warehouse District, DJs spin quirky, creative sets while people swig drinks on patio, cowboys play pool, and University of Texas students go wild during Temptation Thursdays—with an all-male strip off. So do like the locals, who will surely share a pint no matter where you end up, and enjoy a bar crawl. In London the Candy Bar, a lesbian venue, closed in after two decades of serving drinks to women in a dark, rather dingy space when its landlord increased the rent.

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Already a gay paradise long before it was featured on television, it became world famous after the original, UK version of Queer as Folk used it as a central setting for much of its homo drama. This post was originally from Brandon's website, TheGayChristian. In the tumult of the civil rights movement, a confrontation on this turf was bound to happen. Until then, he had assumed that gay men never had romantic relationships with each other and that sex was limited to furtive encounters. This was a pretty normal occurrence, considering it was still illegal to "be gay" at that point in history.

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