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On the third day I just had to go to town and buy Guardian, to see if there still were sensible people in the world. But having used my savings and cashed out my retirement fund and sold the condo for food, I'm now at a point where my over 70 plan is to either win the lottery or drop dead at my desk. Can you watch the work of a great actor, and enjoy a film or television series which is an ensemble effort if they've been the subject of allegations about behavior which could be illegal? Folks like me non-religious, assimilated aren't at direct risk at this point. There are many, many things wrong with our entire immigration system-I have personally seen it fail many immigrants appallingly. NZ - I wish I could: Mark is the co-creator of the bestselling nonfiction book series of all time, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

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The death of year-old Salling this week is the final chapter in a story that started in - following a tip-off said to be from a former girlfriend the police raided his home and discovered the star had a secret life - an addiction to child pornography of the most extreme kind.

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JANET STREET-PORTER: Sex offenders don't deserve to die

The leaders emit the bigoted messages because that's what the followers expect to hear. The out of pocket crap takes some getting used to and it's shocking to have to quibble medical bills for a Brit. Marijuana was made illegal in the US over fears about Mexican immigrants. I can only imagine how the crash in '08 accelerated that. He rarely she, I suspect will already be sufficiently insulated by his billions that no matter what happened to the UK economy, he'd find a cosy spot to live out his days.

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The word "pathological" fell out of the original commenter's sentence very early on, which I think is a shame. I don't think that it's too late to reverse direction, because I don't think that extreme xenophobia is yet deeply ingrained in most of the population, but to do that needs radical changes, and NOT ones of the sort being promoted by any of the main political camps. They wanted to put on some events. Firstly, because it is too early to draw conclusions from some dodgy eyewitness statements and press frenzied speculation. Criticism of Israel the country!

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