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Will's revival was welcomed by critics and fans. Will also has a close relationship with his Grandma Marlena Deidre Hallhis "most-trusted confidante", [66] who helps him through his struggles to come out. What Will doesn't know is that Paul is Sonny's ex, to whom Sonny had proposed to before he had met Will, and Paul had only declined because he didn't think he could be an out gay athlete. Days of Our Lives executive producer Greg Meng talked about the reactions of viewers to a reporter at Outfest He is assigned to interview injured star baseball player Paul Narita Christopher Seanwhom Will soon suspects is gay but closeted.

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All The Days of My Life so far.

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Enjoy This Steamy Kiss Between a Resurrected Dead Guy and Another Hunk on ‘Days of Our Lives’

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ben acts alarmingly, and Will realizes Ben is the Necktie Killer. Days of Our Lives characters. This is met with a high degree of skepticism, but Sonny, who thinks Will died thinking Sonny didn't love him, really wants to know the truth, and says he can't marry Paul until he knows. Will is working at a local bar, and Lucas is the first to see him, but he is inebriated, and thinks he is hallucinating and does not realize he has really seen Will.

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Archived from the original on August 27, Archived from the original on February 18, I think his game's really improved. When Paul loses his ability to play baseball, he reaches out to Sonny—who rejects him because he is married—and then he reaches out to Will. Will remembers everything — and he and Sonny embrace and kiss.

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