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In response, Christians in America have led movements against countless issues. When one says that a person cannot marry someone because they are marrying someone of the same sex, as oppose to opposite sex, is not treating someone with respect and dignity. Denying the formation of such a connection by homosexuals violates freedom of expression, equal rights, and minority religious freedom. The problem of legalization of same-sex marriage is controversial. To date, 15 countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Norway and Sweden have adopted the gay marriage law. I believe that same-sex marriage should not be legalized.

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Gay people, and lesbian people, are still people

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It is a difficult question to answer. We have the opportunity to embrace the founding principle of individual liberty and undo the great injustice that has faced the LGBT community for centuries. How should the firm weight the rights of customers relative to the community, or employees relative to society as a whole?

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Regardless of consequences Mill believed the decision of right versus wrong is the amount of happiness produced by the consequences.

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