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Responses to these questions were coded separately by two of the authors. Text of Pending Calif. To the extent differences between groups exist, gay men and lesbians display even stronger preferences for expressiveness than do heterosexuals. Gay men, in particular, are labeled as predatory and promiscuous, with an inability to develop long-term intimate relationships Golebiowska ; Golebiowska ; LaMar and Kite ; Madon A multidimensional perspective.

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Prior research finds that individuals sometimes report what appear to be related likes and dislikes in a dating partner or spouse Felmlee ; Pines

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Costs are the negative and undesirable components of relationships, such as financial investments, interpersonal conflict, and the potential for pain and anguish. But, say the people behind the "No Outsiders" project, the books are about as morally corrupting as Cinderella -- love, not sex is at the heart of the matter. For example, someone may reject a potential romantic partner who appears to be promising, because she or he perceives better chances with a different person. Instead individuals of both sexes tend to seek out partners who display both certain traditional feminine qualities, such as kindness, as well as some typical masculine characteristics, such as intelligence.

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What do we know about gay and lesbian couples?

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