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Stewie tries to tell Brian on a phone that there's an alien in a grass skirt juggling torches in the living room but he doesn't listen and hangs up. First base side at Wrigley was pretty sweet and not too expensive! One of the carolers points out that the movie is "flom not that rong ago. Later when Carter is playing with the thermostat, Peter looks at the camera and notes that Carter is learning. Stewie teases Brian at the end of the episode by putting him in a gay marriage, noting that is the kind of silly thing they do at the end of episodes. Sign In Don't have an account? Peter calls for security to have her removed and sheepishly tries to get the theme back on track.

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When Peter loses his train of thought, he explains to the audience of thinking of "baby man" Billy Corgan being sad at Disneyland.

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Source s: I don't know the name of it but it was the one where Lois runs for mayor. When her situation remains unresolved by the end of the episode, Peter notes that they will simply bring her back as needed.

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So, from the best Bruce Family Guy scenes to Bruce's voice being lent to some random animal or creature on the show, here are his funniest moments and the best Family Guy Bruce quotes.

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