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Not only is it hilarious, but Dan casts himself and his relationship in a refreshingly honest light. Everyone has so many questions, like we did, and we love being able to help others, so we know as long as we become more visible, others will feel supported and can have a resource. We went the route of private adoption and matched with a woman in Miami who went full-term but had a stillbirth. I really enjoyed this memoir about becoming a dad and what the first few years of parenthood have been like for Buckatinsky and his husband. Abroad, surrogacy is often left unregulated, which creates a system that does in fact take advantage of women and their families who serve as surrogates.

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After I divorced my husband, I was not very interested in going out and meeting guys.

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Steven Blum. But I'm less concerned about my boyfriend's freedom of expression than about my kid's general wellbeing. And that often means giving each other time off, so be willing to take on solo dad duty for a few hours or up to whole weekends.

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I just don't want the neighbor kid telling my son whom I am dating.

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