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By Balou du Rouet, the best son of the great, Baloubet du Rouet. George would tie the reins at the withers of our ponies, remove our stirrups, and blindfold us. He knew what it took to rein everyone back in, but he also knew when to release the hold and when his point had been made. Bert, standing in the lobby in black tie, took one look at me, pointed his finger up the stairs and simply said, Up! Riders like Beezie and myself take that philosophy to heart. Victor and I would sit by the hour and watch him work horses.

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Two years later, George was back in Europe, this time preparing to ride in the Olympic Games in Rome, and George learned something about the trickery that goes on at Olympics:.

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George Morris – A celebration – the complete file…

Riders like Beezie and myself take that philosophy to heart. Years later I broke my arm during this exercise when my horse went one way and I went the other. The grooms were maybe a little above themselves and the clients were showing up not quite on time for lessons. Just when things were really starting to look like the dark cloud would be there to stay, everyone laughed about the sign and things lightened up a little bit as we went back to work as usual. We won many blue ribbons and enjoyed being part of the horse world for a number of years. George is not just preaching from the sidelines: We also took fencing, worked on costumes, props, and sets, and learned about the technical running of a stage production.

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In Rio when I was in a flap that my showjumping story was going to be weak, he took time out from managing the Brazilian team to meet me in the press room, and save my day. I said nothing, did a turn on the haunches, and headed back up to change into my black jacket. The male riders were invited to an evening at the McKee Barracks in Dublin, and George who had three tuxedo jackets with him, white, powder blue and black. His very methodical and technical approach rebuilt my riding and my confidence. In those days, Olympic jumping courses were significantly bigger than even the largest Grand Prix courses, even the Grand Prix at Aachen. Indeed the book comes with a warning:

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