Gay signals in bathrooms

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My initial introduction into the world of beats was something that occurred randomly. This is the public cruising protocol in many parts of the world. From A Slate Explainer column several years back: It depends on the bathroom. If you are the subject of unwanted attention, the protocol is to stare pointedly at something else, e. You tap, the guy in the stall next to you taps, you tap twice, he answers twice. Vice squads did and still do stake out noted cruising spots, including bathrooms.

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Am I totally off base to think that this sort of cruising had a real "golden age" in the seventies and early eighties in the sense that there was a lot more of it going on, in more locations, and with more people involved?

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The rules of having sex in public places

The deafening creak of an old door echoes throughout the toilets as the sound of footsteps comes closer, finally stopping when an unknown man moves into the free cubicle next to me. You can either try to be someone more fabulous than you are, or not, either has about the same success rate. By the way, the energy you give off when you're in a bar with a friend is much better than when you're in the bar alone. It's fascinating reading, I recommend it. While it was slightly different init has several departments, dozens of classrooms, professors' offices, and a large lobby where students hang out.

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It's exactly what you're looking for. It's obviously not a subject I know very much about. Some places and industries it was OK to be "out," in other places either dangerous or illegal - usually both. This adrenaline also made me extremely paranoid, so at the end of the day while I would spend hours at that public toilet, I would come out having done nothing at all, avoiding eye contact with anyone nearby. Of course, there are guidelines to maintaining public decorum while still having a fun time.

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