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Castrated naked slave cums after having his severed bollock stuffed into his mouth. And at the same time, because he was cumming, his spasmodically contracting anal muscles squeezed rhythmically on his younger brother's thrusting cock, and caused the lad who was hoping to delay things a bit 'cum' very forcefully. The result was that he 'brought off' his young brother, who was also wanking anyway. Once the arena-slaves see that the naked, squirming boy seems to have 'drained' himself, they slice open his bulging ball-bag. The arena-slave then started hammering the rough wooden stake into the squirming slave's rectum. When the crowd tired of watching the torture, first the right, and then the left bollock were cut off. While the naked boy continues to squeal, the cut away the empty, useless ball-sack, and amputate his still erect penis.

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Being very pampered slave-boys, the lads were well muscled, 'well-hung', and shaved all over including the perineum and anal areaexcept for a neat trimmed, thick, curly pubic bush, and a little, trimmed hair under the arms.

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To be impaled was a sentence of death! The younger boy appeared to be putting on a really good 'show' — possibly in the forlorn hope that a couple of good, really 'dirty' fucks might satisfy the crowd, and then, perhaps the arena officials, pleased with a good 'show', might decide to 'finish-off', the boys quickly and not bother with the emasculation and impaling. The arena audience, predictably, were enjoying every minute of the 'show' that the boys were putting on, and were pleased to see that once the older brother had gone in as deep as he was able, he started 'pounding' his younger brother — bearing down on him rhythmically. Not up my fuckin butt-hole. It would be greatly appreciated.

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Earlier, he had been told by the arena slaves that, when he felt he was 'cumming', he should immediately pull his cock out of his partner's arse-hole, so that the arena audience could see his spunk squirting — and that he did. Always happy to support original gay art - will always post anything suitable and on topic on this blog. He resisted to urge to violently 'plough' his older brother with his huge, spurting cock, however, and splattered his groaning sibling's naked back with thick, creamy spunk while the older boy shot huge gobs of his own 'cum' over the sand in front of him. For this reason the arena slaves always referred to the impaling posts as 'fucking poles'. A leather cushion arching his back. It's makin' me fuckin' cum!

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