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The Kaiser Family Foundation. For this reason, health insurers will have to keep close tabs on the developing trends for their business clients large and small, and see if they can tailor their next steps to better suit the attitudes of the market. While this is an important step, it does not cover all workers. National Center for Transgender Equality. We estimated our models separately for men and women, first for the entire sample and then restricted to employed adults to isolate any bias in estimating public insurance enrollment attributable to disability or unemployment. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Healthcare Disparities Report

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The effects of unequal access to health insurance for same-sex couples in California.

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National and State-Specific Health Insurance Disparities for Adults in Same-Sex Relationships

Spousal coverage is an important pathway to insurance and other health benefits and marriage offers legal protections for millions of people, particularly in the context of employer-sponsored health insurance. Buchmueller and Carpenter used a national sample of adults aged between 25 and 64 years in the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System to compare health insurance and utilization of health services of same-sex couples with those of opposite-sex couples both married and unmarried. Accessed January 23, Social Security Administration Determination of Marital Status for spousal Medicare benefits Same-sex spouses eligible for free Medicare Part A if spouse has sufficient work history to qualify for Medicare benefits. We used hierarchical assignment to designate a single source of health insurance coverage for each individual, although respondents were able to report multiple sources of coverage. Buchmueller and Carpenter, using data from the — California Health Interview Surveys, found that insurance mandates that extended health care benefits to same-sex spouses in California had no statistically significant effect on dependent coverage for gay and bisexual men and only a small positive effect on lesbian and bisexual women. But what becomes problematic is what happens when they do so, the report said.

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Charlton and her colleagues wanted to see if those findings held up in a broader sample. Transgender refers to individuals whose sex at birth is different from their identity as male, female, or elsewhere along the gender spectrum. Walmart Stores, East, L. Our study would have benefited from additional information missing in the ACS. Carpenter C, Gates GJ. Non-grandfathered individual market private and Medicaid expansions plans are required to cover USPSTF recommended preventive services without cost sharing.

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