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Anonymous March 19, at 2: He'd laze around the pool, laughing and joking with his little entourage of admirers, myself included. Many of the people I interviewed, friends and fellow-activists, are no longer with us. Stranahan House is another historic site. Sponsored by Mutual Benefits Corporation, a multimillion dollar AIDS insurance underwriter, that show would remain on the air for nearly six years. It never trusts you back.

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The Ever-Changing Gay Scene In South Florida

This was reflected by the standard bar greeting — a hug — which was offered to friends and even strangers. But it was very famous. Thanks for this trip down memory lane. Unknown July 18, at You can read more about CloseCircle in our article about how to stay safe whilst traveling. No bar on Las Olas ever enjoyed the gay night life like the Cathode. I was working at the DownUnder in the mid-seventies.

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Fort Lauderdale is equally famous for its pristine beaches. These are some of the best ones which we highly recommend from our personal experience:. I have personally attended In spite of all that, Mitchell, now deceased, remembered the gay sixties and seventies as a simpler and friendlier time. But good that they woke up and recognized we have a history worth recording, recognizing, and remembering. Community Health Lifestyle Technology Travel. However and whenever you visit Fort Lauderdale, you're guaranteed to have a great time with warm weather:

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