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I propped myself up on both elbows, looking down at my chest—and noticing with a start that it was no longer green. Tony's hips were gripped hard, Tony knew he was going to have bruises in later, but he didn't care. Nice Toes Next update: My cock quivered in frustration as I fought for control. He let go of Tony with a 'pop' as he straightened up, "Why It was all so humiliating.

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That night, he came over to my cabin and said we had to talk.

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Fragments of moonlight reflecting from what were my windows illuminated the sheen of sweat glistening over my emerald body, smooth parts like a statue of jade, hairy like a foreboding forest. No matter how bad it seems, I thought, I can take this. Dumbfounded, I watched it work its way down his cock. Quickly I raised him off my cock, holding his massive body up and watching it dwindle second by second, muscles disappearing like ice in the sun, green fading into normal complexion, cock working its way back out of my throat, over my tonsils, and out to my lips. A dozen red roses?

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Those who already came were surrounding us, slowly beating off and jeering at me. Until Bruce pinched his side. I looked in the mirror and screamed in pleasure as I hit a most muscular, my massive chest inflating and blowing out the back wall of the house with the sonic impact of my subhuman growl, my chest hair thickening and greening, my bush now a dense forest of green man-fur. It's been so boring without you! Always the debonair bullshitter, Stark gave a sharp laugh before whisking two champagne flutes of a passing waiter's tray. When the horse gets back, they'll think I got bucked off, then come looking.

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