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Finally, the study of interaction between business people from different cultures is discussed and will be simulated in class using case studies. Exploring Authoritarian Rule in Asia and the Struggle for Democracy More than half of Asia has never known democracy—and may never will. Travel and living abroad can complement learning in the classroom: Students will explore twentieth century Asian history through the analysis of a wide variety of films which portray the history of the time period and place. This course will be a journey to find answers to these questions. Many of the shades of meaning that English conveys with auxiliaries and tone are effected in Korean by an endlessly proliferating array of word endings.

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Pronunciation, sound system, intonation, basic vocabulary and grammar of spoken Japanese.

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Korean as a Second Language

In a survey of modern Japan, from the time of the Tokugawa Shogunate up to the recent past, this course provides students with a broad survey of the political, economic, social and cultural developments in Japan. What is their historical trajectory? Japanese History As a survey of the political, economic, social, ideological, and foreign policy aspects of Japanese history from AD to the economic miracle of the s, this course will focus on Japan's attempts to establish a central government prior toas well as Japan's quest for national identity and security in the 20th century. This course explores how companies formulate, implement and change their strategies in response to both domestic and international factors. Resolving Conflict and Closing the Deal What negotiation strategies do international companies employ while doing business in Japan? Read for pleasure For many of our panellists, reading was not only great for making progress, but one of the most rewarding aspects of the learning experience.

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Key topics include how geography has shaped Japan's history, the legacy of feudalism, the Meiji Restoration, the road to the Pacific War and Japan's defeat, and Japan's post-war economic growth. It is a language I share with about eighty million other people around the world. Understanding these aspects of Japan's history will help students better understand contemporary Japanese society. Numerous recent ethical lapses in the marketplace have brought misery to many and have tarnished the image of entire sectors of the global economy. It applies international relations theories to cover historical developments, key actors in Asian politics U. Visual anthropology strives to visualize the invisible — knowledge, values, morals, beliefs, perceptions, capabilities and private spaces.

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